Hello and welcome!

My name is Olivia Fulwood and I am the voice behind Messages from Within. I’m a Mother, Wife, Nutritionist and Intuitive Spiritual Guide.

This blog is about guiding others how to connect with their Divine self (higher self/god self/soul/spirit) and God (source/creator/the ONE/I am). Your Divine self/God is always in contact with you but we as a collective have forgotten how to listen to the messages from within.

Why is it beneficial that we listen to the messages from within? Because these messages guide us towards becoming our true Divine self here in the flesh. Your Divine self loves you unconditionally and wants you to achieve your dreams, desires and evolve into the human being you came here on earth to become. So listening to these messages and insights, is the very best thing you could do for yourself! For too long we have allowed others, authority & public figures to tell us what to do or how to think. It’s time we turn within. No self help book or course will ever come close to the advice you have within you. I’m here to guide you how to hear these messages so you can live your own truth. This is my gift to you.

Along the way I will be also sharing with you some of the messages that I have received from my Divine self/god. The topics are endless and I look forward to sharing with you different perspectives. I share my truth with you so only take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

I look forward to sparking the relationship between you and your Divine self so you too can move in the direction of living in harmony with your own truth.

Olivia Fulwood