God and the Divine Self

When I speak or think of God I do not picture God like it is depicted in many, if not most religions. Just as we are unique in our perspectives (of life, truth and reality), our perspectives on what and who God is are also unique. Today I have chosen to share with you my truth and what I have come to figure out for myself. Take away what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. Put aside everything you have ever been taught regarding who God is and instead go within and find the answer for yourself. You too may be surprised that your version of God may not match most religions. Chances are, if you are reading this, then you have been divinely guided to expand your consciousness.

I know the word God is controversial so if you don’t like the word, use what works for you. God goes by many names such as the Source, the Creator, the All, I Am, the ONE… they are all great descriptions of God. The funny thing is, God is beyond any name and comprehension. It is difficult to explain God with one word or even many because God is so much more than these names/labels. I like the term God as it resonates with me and I feel it encompasses most of these names listed above, so I will continue to use this word throughout my writing.

Just like most, I’ve always wondered who or what is God. The description I grew up with never sat right with me and I knew there was more to the story then what was being told. The first time that everything started to make sense for me was about 3 years ago after I received a vision of who and what God is. I will try and explain as best I can as translating visions into words can be a challenge.

When I was first shown a vision of God, I was shown an image of an extremely large, white, bright, round shaped light that is surrounded by pitch black/space. It looked like the sun in shape with multiple light rays of different lengths emanating from it. This image had no definite form or defining edges, so when I say round, I don’t mean literally round. It just appeared like that but with a knowing that it was not God’s definite shape. God was so bright, not burning to the eyes and not enough to turn your eyes away…but very BRIGHT… the BRIGHTEST LIGHT you could ever see. The light was pure with no imperfections, just a crisp white pure light. The feelings I received while being shown this image were even more profound than the vision. Emanating from God was a very strong and powerful vibration. God was not still, God was vibrating at a very high rate, and I could feel the power (words cannot explain just how powerful this vibration felt). Although God felt powerful, God was peaceful, loving, joyous and just as you would suspect, perfect and whole. God had no gender both in look and feel. God was a perfect balance of male and female essence/energy and so much more. God emanated a beautiful sound. It was not a specific song or musical note but it was a combination of all the sounds you could ever hear rolled into one. It was harmonious, breathtaking and perfect in pitch… God is truly magnificent and beautiful. 

This vision has allowed me to understand and believe that, to me, God has no form (esp. Human form) and no gender. God is all, God is everything and everywhere, all at the same time. My own glimpse of God in my vision is a start, but doesn’t even come close to explaining who God is. God is indescribable and unimaginable. So for now the best description I can give of God is a bright, energetic, high vibrating, harmonious sounding, light entity; that is all, in everything and everywhere.

But guess what? That is exactly what you are too. You ARE a bright, energetic, vibrating light being…


You ARE God


GOD is within YOU

Let me explain. I know how crazy this sounds.

Imagine God as I explained in my vision. Now think of this image as a puzzle. Many, many pieces, an infinite number of pieces make up this puzzle. God being the ONE and only, wanted to know and experience itself so it sent pieces of itself out from itself. Some pieces became universes, galaxies, planets; some became stars, moons, minerals, plants, animals and some became beings (spirits/guides/angels/extraterrestrials) and one of these pieces is you (a human on planet earth). You are a being of God. God is found within you, not outside of you or above you or up in the clouds separate from you, but WITHIN YOU. God sees what you see, feels what you feel, hears what you hear. God understands why you do the things you do because God is experiencing itself as YOU. You are a unique piece of God, a unique expression of God, a magnificent creation of God. Can you understand now just how amazing this is and how amazing each of us really are? God is in every being, every thing in the universe, even if you don’t believe there is a God. Even those who are “evil” or “bad” have God within them; just like you, they too are a unique expression of God.

This unique puzzle piece is what I call your Divine self (aka your soul, spirit, higher self). The Divine self is the part of YOU that is a unique personality of God. When we engage in conversation with our Divine self, what we are really doing is communicating with God. When we communicate with God, we are really communicating with our Divine self. Both are the same, whichever way you look at it. We are not separate. The Divine self knows it is God, knows the past lives it has lived, knows what its unique gifts are, knows it is a unique expression/personality of God and what its purpose is. Currently we are 3rd dimensional humans, and we have forgotten our true nature and past. Don’t take this forgetting to heart. Forgetting is all part of the divine plan that makes this reality possible. TO KNOW YOURSELF, YOU FIRST HAVE TO FORGET YOURSELF. And that’s exactly what we each have done coming here. We have forgotten that we are God. Some do learn and remember this while in the flesh (e.g. go searching for answers like you are doing now, having an out of body experience etc) and others only find out when they pass from this life.

Our goal in this game of life is to remember who we are and be this in the flesh. It may take many lifetimes, each of us eventually reaching a level where we are ready to move out of this game/reality/existence and into a new one. Connecting within and receiving Divine guidance is the way we can become Godly in the flesh. When I say Godly I’m not talking about becoming a God that is judgemental, righteous, authoritative and rules over others, I’m talking about becoming Godly as in compassionate, understanding, empathetic, loving, peaceful, joyous, non-judgemental, forgiving, accepting of people’s differences and beliefs. For this is God’s nature and our true nature.

As I’ve mentioned before, you only need to take away what resonates with you. Let what I have spoken off hear digest. I strongly encourage you to go within and find your own interpretation of God, for this is where the magic of your life begins. Knowing who God is and what God stands for has changed my life. Learning who God is from going within to find the answer for myself has improved my intuitive skills, increased my spiritual growth and enhanced my connection with my Divine self/God. My relationship with God/Divine self has forever changed me. I no longer believe that I am separate from God, but I am one with God. I understand that God sees through my eyes, feels what I feel, understands who I am and why I do what I do. I’m never alone and I finally feel understood. I know that God/Divine self is leading me to become a Godly version of myself here in the flesh. God also wants me to see the God within others and all around me. Living in this way really does bring you happiness and peace.

What a beautiful world we could build if we all walked around expressing our unique Divine Godly selves and treating each other as God (because each of us is a unique expression of God)… what a heaven on earth we would create.

❤️ Olivia

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