How to Connect Within and Receive Divine Guidance

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Throughout this article I will be sharing with you how to get yourself into the right state of mind to receive the messages from your Divine self/God. I will discuss how to discern between the inner voices (the higher and lower mind) whilst giving you practical instructions on the ins and outs of connecting within.

Remember your Divine self/God is always communicating with you in many different ways; the key is learning how to hear these messages. My own experience has shown me just how important it is to calm your mind and be centred before asking a complex question or detailed guidance. There are many ways to reach this state, and the first step is to find a way that works for you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take as many deep breaths in and out as you need.
  • Do a quick meditation or guided meditation.
  • Play some relaxing music (meditation, nature sounds or binaural beats I have found to work the best).
  • Exercise
  • Go for a walk
  • Sit in nature
  • Have a shower/bath
  • Whatever you need to do to get yourself into a relaxed, calm and focused state.

In the beginning you may need to do these little exercises to get you ‘into the zone’, however, eventually you will be able to get into this calm state just by your intent of being calm, centred and ready to connect within.

Time of day and/or your environment also matters. This is especially important when you are wanting an in depth insight to come through. You will need to experiment to find the best time of day and which environment that works best for you. For example: the most profound and clearest messages for myself usually come to me in the morning while I’m still in bed having just awoken. At this time of the day, my mind is peaceful, clear and has not yet started thinking about the day ahead. Other times where I am able to connect occur during my morning walks (see “Walking, Nature and Spirituality” article ) or when I have a shower (thanks to the high vibrations of water). I know there are those who say they receive clear messages just before bed. There is no right or wrong way to connect. Remember, these messages for the most part have been ignored, dismissed or suppressed for a long time. When starting out you will need to make some effort, through trial and error to find what works for you. 

Once you have reached this calm and focused state. It is now time to ask a question. The secret here is to not think of anything else but the question being asked. Now comes the hard part… to pause. Don’t start thinking of the answer…just pause. Allow the answer to come to you. Like a bubble rising to the surface of the water. Sometimes the answer will pop up before you have even had a chance to finish the sentence (a good indication that this is your Divine self/God talking and not your logical mind). Keep an open mind, be ready to hear anything without judgement. The more open you are the clearer and more specific the answer. Your Divine self/God answers fairly quickly. The secret is to not think just let it flow. The question will be answered in the exact way that you can understand it. As it works with your level of understanding and with how your brain is wired. So if your brain is wired from a Chistian/Religious background then you’ll receive answers using Christian/Religious perspectives. If you, like me, are more scientifically inclined, then scientific lingo and descriptions/visions are what you’ll receive back. This is why there are many perspectives out there regarding the same topic. These messages/answers are for YOU to understand. No two people when asking the same question will be answered in the same way. There may be similarities but the message will be uniquely suited for you.

When you receive an answer and you need more clarity, ask for it! Keep asking more questions until you are satisfied. Have a conversation and just let it flow…no you are not crazy lol. As we are unique in the flesh we are also unique in our gifts. Just like our human senses vary in degree of sensitivity from one person to the next, so too are our spiritual abilities. Some people see things, some hear things, some feel and some just have an inner knowing. Work with your strengths as these will be the channels that your Divine self/God will communicate with you. Do some personal exploring to figure out your strengths so you are better at tuning into receiving messages. Once you have figured this out it will become much easier to discern what’s coming from your logical/human mind and what is coming from your higher Divine self/God mind.

Now if you find that the answer is taking a long time then it’s highly likely that your logical/lower mind has taken over. Think of your logical mind like a computer- first it needs to compute what’s been asked, find the answer in the harddrive by looking for a similar question/answer (i.e its trying to find a past/present lesson for reference), weigh up the pros and cons, and then come back with a logical answer. This takes time and most likely is not a message from a higher perspective. Re-centre and when ready try again. Your Divine self/God will always be of a higher perspective, it will be with love, compassion and understanding. The answer will be to serve the highest good of all. If it comes across hateful, judgemental or fearful then this is a good sign the message is coming from your logical/lower mind. It can be difficult at first to differentiate between the inner voices and it can take time, but you will eventually be able to discern between them. You may notice that there will be a marked difference between the communication style (it may come across as a feeling, a change in pace, tone, pitch or it may even just sound different to your mind’s voice). The more you practice the better you’ll get at discerning between the two.

Once you have received your answer, take it for what it is. Trust it. My advice is to not worry too much about if it’s provable. I have spent many hours researching on the net to see if I could prove the messages I received were true. The problem with this is, here on earth we don’t have all the answers. Also don’t be surprised if some of the answers you recieve are a little out there (remember the answer is coming from a higher perspective so sometimes they do not make sense straight away). You’ll find that a lot of the time it’s not usually something your brain could have come up with. So I’ve learnt to just trust the answer that was meant for me and follow through with the guidance that was given. I am yet to be steered wrong. Your Divine self/God knows you best and will only guide you towards the light. Take the message as is. It is perfectly right for you. I would also recommend a journal or a recording device to take down what you’ve been told… sometimes I journal while receiving the messages, sometimes I do it after. Either way I highly recommend it, you’ll be amazed at the insights when you go back and review them months, or even years later and how accurate the messages were for you.

I understand that this may seem a little complicated at first but the more you engage with your Divine self/God, the easier and clearer the messages become, the louder the inner voice and the higher a perspective you’ll receive. Have fun and actually follow through with the divine guidance given. This is the most challenging part, so have faith that you are being led towards becoming the best version of yourself, to living your heart’s desire and on your way to becoming your own Divine self here on Earth.

❤️ Olivia

4 thoughts on “How to Connect Within and Receive Divine Guidance

  1. I really love this.. every word 💜 I will begin to do this and Thankyou for making it really easy to understand and for the tips on how to do this.

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